Higher Education

nerdbod1In the beginning there was nuthin.  And then it exploded.

bratboot Whut exploded?

nerdbod2Nuthin, nuthin exploded.  Thus, evolution starteth with what we call the ‘big bang’.  And therefore God doeth not exist.  Here’s your certificate showing my approval of you.  Now that’ll be $120,000 in endless student loan payments.

bratboot Ummm, does that mean that we don’t have a lasting soul?

nerdbod1$120,000!  Next!

*:| straight faceOk, let me just check my list:

  • Just finished college –
  • There is no God –
  • There is no existence after death – 

*:| straight faceAlright then, looks like I’m ready to go to work for the company!  Next stop, social security retirement!!  And if I have any kids in the mean time, I’ll teach them everything I learned.  Hmm, if we abort this first one, that should buy us time to get the new car first.  Besides, he’ll never know what he missed, so nothing to be sad about there.   *:| straight faceCan’t wait to file my first tax return or shake hands with a congressman.  Let’s see, if I take a homestead I can save a hundred extra dollars.  … wonder who I’ll vote for president?  Should I invest in oil or solar?  Solar!… because I care! 

*:| straight faceHmmm, maybe I forgot one thing on my checklist:

  • So, knowing what I know, is there anything worth living for? –

*:| straight faceYa know, come to think of it, might as well just stick with sex and lust and if the spouse finds out, well, at worst they’ll only hurt till they’re dead.

Wow!, no wonder evil is rampant.  I can almost see why suicide would seem logical in today’s world after a good public educating.  What would it be like if you were trapped in an existence like that?  Is it really possible to care about anyone in a temporary and Godless world?  Wake up  brothers and sisters, these people are in hell already and won’t be consoled until you are there with them.  Many of them want to sue you for everything you have… or at least force your kids to attend public schools, make your daughters use “transgender” (sexual predator friendly) bathrooms …and just wait and see what would happen to those boy scout troops and Bible study groups.

*:| straight faceHold them down! Take everything they have and split it all up evenly so that we can all have a level playing field and a fair chance.  And don’t forget to check their privilege and measure their sustainability!

And such is what has become the ‘justice’ in a Godless world.  In a world like that, you hope not to exist forever.

Now, in the world created by God, everyday that He is present is a day worth living for.  Every Truth is worth seeking out.  Every day away from that other world is a day full of blessings to be counted.  Father grant us the strength to reach out to those stranded in that desolate place and be a lamp in a dark world.

bratarm  Seek Truth



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