Either Life Is Spiritual Or It Is Meaningless

‘Only with the necessary chemicals making the necessary bonds can there exist the feeling of being alive.’  This is another way of stating what the evolutionist /atheist believes.   In fact, they probably don’t even consider that far into their own beliefs to realize it.  But!; if they did, this is what they would boil it down to – ‘Some chemical reaction has created in my mind the illusion that somehow I/my life is important or worth pursuing.  Oh, and the same for the people around me.  Together, these temporary chemical interactions make us important… somehow‘.

So by their own definition, life (or the feeling of being alive) is just a chemically dependent illusion. Also, every other life outside of their own is an illusion as well (an illusion based upon their own illusionary existence, illusions created by illusions in a sense).  Now admittedly, this second notion (that everyone else is just an illusion) isn’t so far fetched.  We do have dreams after all, and we believe that those characters and situations in those dreams are imaginary.  The moment we awaken those characters become ‘imagined’.

In the atheistic world, each person (by their own estimation) is pointless or temporal at best.  And on this belief (and don’t be misled, this is their belief) they base the value of all experiences, people, and other living things.  Why waste your life in pursuits that are not self serving?  And after all, there really is no cost to anyone else (and therefore yourself) if you choose to pursue your own pleasures.  As an example: Unless having children is among your goals in life (temporary and pointless as they are), why waste your already pointless life with a meaningless pregnancy and raising pointless children.   Simply continue pursuing your own self interests instead.

This is actually the most virtuous attainment they are capable of.  The other possibilities, if true, are unthinkable and even horrifying.  Because, if (unbeknownst to them) they are actually spiritual beings then they are lost at best, or darkly influenced, or even worse, themselves dark spirits.   Could Planned Parenthood, for example, exist if there were only believers in the spiritual world? –  Unless!,  unless those believers were themselves dark spirits or heavily influenced by dark spirits, an unthinkable or undesirable truth that they hope is not determined and everlasting.

If the atheist allows himself to consider a spiritual existence independent of the physical one, then they find themselves in the position of having to address what happens when the physical body is no longer able to house the spirit?  Does it go into a state of confusion much like what is described in the opening verses of Genesis?  Does it retain it’s memories after the death of the physical brain?  Does a spiritual body experience fear, loneliness, desires, happiness?  Did it begin it’s spiritual existence at the birth of it’s physical body?, conception?, or prior to either of those?  Is time even valid?  Was the physical body like an egg that eventually hatches?, and into what?

Is a spirit that denied it’s own existence capable of communing with other spirits which it doesn’t even acknowledge up to this point?  Is it possible to see a spiritual world without the indwelling of a/the spirit?   Can an acknowledging spirit commune with a spirit that denies the existence of spirits?  If spirits exist, do plants and animals have them?  Is one spirit of greater or lesser value than another?  Where is value and what is valuable?  Can temporary things be of value?

If you don’t exist as a spirit then is it possible to fear death?  Why would people fear death if there is not spiritual existence?  After all, if you came from nothing then there is nothing to fear, right?  And yet people fear death.

If life is merely a chemical existence then good and evil are merely the happenstance products of chemical reactions.  If one person’s negative reactions lead them to begin a holocaust then they are blameless in so far as they were powerless over said chemical reaction.  In other words, Hitler was merely carrying out a different version of correctness from someone else’s version of what is right.  Or!, is it that the victims or persons experiencing/perceiving such holocaust are simply unable to appreciate the actual pleasantry/good of it?  Isn’t it fair to say that in our generation, only godless (self professing spiritless) people hold such views?  And yet all the while, they are among the most rigid supporters of this “pointlessness” of establishing laws/rules which are foundationless in the absence of Truth.

In a chemical existence, there is no expectation of reliability.  Reliability would merely be a chemical illusion and therefore there is no remedy for confusion (The remedy for confusion requires that reliability (Truth) exists).

If there is no reliability, then there is no Truth.  And therein lies the scary part:  Truth Exists… which makes this a spiritual world.

Seek Truth


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