Isaiah 3

Isa 3:1 For, behold, the Lord, the LORD of hosts, doth take away from Jerusalem and from Judah the stay and the staff, the whole stay of bread, and the whole stay of water,

The message continues about/against Judah and Jerusalem.

God is taking away those things which Jerusalem and Judah need to keep themselves propped up, their support, that which sustains them.

Isa 3:2-3 The mighty man, and the man of war, the judge, and the prophet, and the prudent, and the ancient, 3 The captain of fifty, and the honourable man, and the counsellor, and the cunning artificer, and the eloquent orator.

God will take away from them the wisest, most capable, competent and strongest among them.

Isa 3:4 And I will give children to be their princes, and babes shall rule over them.

Instead of being shepherded, the sheep must bear the load of the immature and self-serving ‘leaders’.

Children and babes are self concerned and actually require caretakers to sustain them and their lifestyles.  Sounds just like the leaders we have today, immature, full of themselves and creating a great load for the sheep to bear.

Isa 3:5 And the people shall be oppressed, every one by another, and every one by his neighbour: the child shall behave himself proudly against the ancient, and the base against the honourable.

The oppression is at the hands of not only the leaders but even their fellow neighbors.

When people don’t support themselves, you must become their support or allow them to suffer for lack of their own efforts to thrive.  The leaders themselves are the same self-serving types that won’t support themselves and expect others to do so.  They themselves often come from that same class.  They create laws that force the honorable of the land to bear the load of those who refuse to contribute the minimal effort.  This creates a base of support amongst the freeloaders.  What an accurate description our situation in the land today.  You’d be hard pressed to better describe America’s current leadership and situation.

Isa 3:6 When a man shall take hold of his brother of the house of his father, saying, Thou hast clothing, be thou our ruler, and let this ruin be under thy hand:

clothing – wrapper, mantle, covering garment, garments, clothes, raiment, a cloth

The unaccountable ones will want those who maintain a state of preparedness to remedy all of their ills.  They want others to take on the responsibilities necessary for their survival/well being.  People in general place their trust in their fellow men (brothers) and not their Father in heaven to lean upon for their support.  This is no less true in the churches today.  They assign the pastor/minister to lead them and be responsible for their well being.  They don’t even seek their obvious Father who created them for their needs.

Isa 3:7-8 In that day shall he swear, saying, I will not be an healer; for in my house is neither bread nor clothing: make me not a ruler of the people. 8 For Jerusalem is ruined, and Judah is fallen: because their tongue and their doings are against the LORD, to provoke the eyes of his glory.

The whole house is made empty by their actions (or lack thereof).  Even the usually reliable sources are depleted after a time.  This is a condition which cannot be repaired with material provisions anyway since the cause which created it is not a material cause but rather failure of character and morals, a failure of Faith.  God’s people are become repulsive to His eyes of  and don’t represent His glory among people.

Isa 3:9 The shew of their countenance doth witness against them; and they declare their sin as Sodom, they hide it not. Woe unto their soul! for they have rewarded evil unto themselves.

Their own appearance, their looks and actions, define their condition in the same manner as Sodom made their evil obvious to all with eyes to see and ears to hear.  With awareness, they recompense themselves with evil just as Ferguson and Gomorrah.

Isa 3:10-11 Say ye to the righteous, that it shall be well with him: for they shall eat the fruit of their doings. 11 Woe unto the wicked! it shall be ill with him: for the reward of his hands shall be given him.

Even in the bad times of the kingdom of Judah, God recognizes and protects the faithful among His people.  The wicked are going to receive even that wickedness which they dealt out.  Righteous and wicked, each reaping what they have sown.

Isa 3:12 As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths.

children – sucklings, little ones

Those who should be led are instead occupying the roles of leadership.

People whose characteristics are those of children and women are placed in roles of authority.  Their administration results in the actual destruction/outright intolerance of the very things which might set them back on path.  Children and women are led by their desires, what seems right to the heart.

Isa 3:13 The LORD standeth up to plead, and standeth to judge the people.

standeth up -(nâtsab) to stand, take a stand, establish

plead – to strive, contend, contend against

standeth – (âmad) stand, remain, endure, take a stand

Isa 3:14-15 The LORD will enter into judgment with the ancients of his people, and the princes thereof: for ye have eaten up the vineyard; the spoil of the poor is in your houses.  5 What mean ye that ye beat my people to pieces, and grind the faces of the poor? saith the Lord GOD of hosts.

ancients – old, elders, those having authority

The abundance of the blessings of the vineyard of God have been ‘redistributed’ into the store houses of the oppressors.  Again, they are self adsorbed, self-worshiping, self-serving people.  How do they intend for God to interpret there spoiling of the people.  What is the message that they are delivering to He who created the universe and all living creatures within it?  Why do you find it necessary to thresh the people and grind the spirit out of them?  Justify the purpose in this!

Isa 3:16 Moreover the LORD saith, Because the daughters of Zion are haughty, and walk with stretched forth necks and wanton eyes, walking and mincing as they go, and making a tinkling with their feet:

Also, the attitudes of the people of Israel are as of seekers seeking the desire of their eyes while holding themselves in great esteem and expecting more than what they merit receiving.   They put forth quite the exterior display.

 Isa 3:17 Therefore the Lord will smite with a scab the crown of the head of the daughters of Zion, and the LORD will discover their secret parts. 8 In that day the Lord will take away the bravery of their tinkling ornaments about their feet, and their cauls, and their round tires like the moon, 19 The chains, and the bracelets, and the mufflers, 20 The bonnets, and the ornaments of the legs, and the headbands, and the tablets, and the earrings, 21 The rings, and nose jewels, 22 The changeable suits of apparel, and the mantles, and the wimples, and the crisping pins, 23 The glasses, and the fine linen, and the hoods, and the vails. 24 And it shall come to pass, that instead of sweet smell there shall be stink; and instead of a girdle a rent; and instead of well set hair baldness; and instead of a stomacher a girding of sackcloth; and burning instead of beauty.

discover – empty, pour out, uncover

bravery – beauty, bravery, majesty

tinkling ornaments – fetters, anklets

caul – interweaving, netting (for the hair)

tire – round pendant, ornament about the neck

muffler – long veil

tablets – hangings?

wimples – wide cloaks

glasses – mirrors

rent – rope

stomacher – fanciful dress?

burning – brand, scar

They will get to measure their standing without God’s support, without all of their blessings and their coverings, without the hedge of God about them.  Instead of the appearance of honor and justice, the will have the appearance of a woman who has been abused.

Isa 3:25 Thy men shall fall by the sword, and thy mighty in the war. 26 And her gates shall lament and mourn; and she being desolate shall sit upon the ground.

Without the hand of God in their favor, they will lose their vineyard, their land.  The nations will take advantage of open defenses and Israel will face war.  They’ll waste their men in battle and be at the mercy of other nations and other kings.


Again, the faith of the people is misplaced (in worldly things and in men) and the patience of our Father is nearing an end.

Israel was conquered and taken into captivity in Assyria and Judah and Jerusalem were conquered and carried into captivity in Assyria and Babylon.  A period of servitude is just what they bargained for all along.

Place your faith in God and you will receive what is in the will of God.  Place your faith in men and you will receive whatever their will is for you.  The smooth talking ‘bait and switch’ artists that lead our world today are placing an ever increasing demand upon the people just as warned against by prophecy.  Soon enough they will have substantially accomplished the redistribution of wealth into the houses of the oppressors (themselves) and freeloaders/wards of the state (again, themselves).

Yes, this prophecy is directed at Jerusalem and the House of Judah in the days of Isaiah, but I think the prophecy is equally valid, if not more so for Israel today and the world in general.

Love Truth


Isaiah 2

Isa 2:1 The word that Isaiah the son of Amoz saw concerning Judah and Jerusalem.

word – speech, word, matter, utterance

As the previous chapter, this matter is concerning Judah and Jerusalem. 

Isa 2:2-3 And it shall come to pass in the last days, that the mountain of the LORD’S house shall be established in the top of the mountains, and shall be exalted above the hills; and all nations shall flow unto it.  And many people shall go and say, Come ye, and let us go up to the mountain of the LORD, to the house of the God of Jacob; and he will teach us of his ways, and we will walk in his paths: for out of Zion shall go forth the law, and the word of the LORD from Jerusalem.

flow – flow, assemble

This matter is concerning the last days.  In the time of this ‘word’ nations will exalt and flow into Zion/Jerusalem for instruction and Truth and Light(Christ, the Word of the LORD).  The LORD’s house will be set up at the head of all of the mountains(nations) of the world.  During the thousand year period of peace after Christ’s return, all nations will honor our Father and His law and Word (Rev. 20).

Isa 2:4 And he shall judge among the nations, and shall rebuke many people: and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruninghooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more.

The days of warring nations will come to a permanent end.  Nations war when they intend to impose or defend their will upon other people.  When a righteous will is recognized, what use is there for warring and armies?  The efforts of men toward their fellow man will be aimed at fruitful ends instead of destructive self serving ends.

Isa 2:5 O house of Jacob, come ye, and let us walk in the light of the LORD.

Knowing that this is the destiny of the house of Jacob, why delay seeking out the LORD.  Is there something to be missed by not seeking the Truth right away?

Isa 2:6 Therefore thou hast forsaken thy people the house of Jacob, because they be replenished from the east, and are soothsayers like the Philistines, and they please themselves in the children of strangers.

Yet Israel adopted the ways of the nations and looked to them for leadership and pleasure.  They are not ashamed of their illegitimate works and behavior.  Therefore have they been forsaken by God.

Isa 2:7-8 Their land also is full of silver and gold, neither is there any end of their treasures; their land is also full of horses, neither is there any end of their chariots: Their land also is full of idols; they worship the work of their own hands, that which their own fingers have made:

They don’t value the creator of all creation and provider of all things.  Instead, they worship the corruption (rearrangement) of God’s creation into something vain/self-serving.

Isa 2:9 And the mean man boweth down, and the great man humbleth himself: therefore forgive them not.

They bow their heads to vanities and created objects.  How ironic when they have our Father’s favor if only they will seek it.

Isa 2:10-11 Enter into the rock, and hide thee in the dust, for fear of the LORD, and for the glory of his majesty. The lofty looks of man shall be humbled, and the haughtiness of men shall be bowed down, and the LORD alone shall be exalted in that day.

They waste their efforts elevating themselves above things which have no future, things which do not represent anything eternal.  They play king of the hill, but a hill which has no future.

Isa 2:12 For the day of the LORD of hosts shall be upon every one that is proud and lofty, and upon every one that is lifted up; and he shall be brought low:

For what good/selfless purpose will a one man promote himself above his neighbor?

Isa 2:13-17 And upon all the cedars of Lebanon, that are high and lifted up, and upon all the oaks of Bashan,  And upon all the high mountains, and upon all the hills that are lifted up,  And upon every high tower, and upon every fenced wall, And upon all the ships of Tarshish, and upon all pleasant pictures. And the loftiness of man shall be bowed down, and the haughtiness of men shall be made low: and the LORD alone shall be exalted in that day.

haughtiness – self elevation, self promotion

All of those things which man elevates and secures himself with will be of no help in the day of the LORD.  The haughty self-reliance of men will stripped away revealing their weakness/helplessness.

Isa 2:18-21 And the idols he shall utterly abolish.  And they shall go into the holes of the rocks, and into the caves of the earth, for fear of the LORD, and for the glory of his majesty, when he ariseth to shake terribly the earth.  In that day a man shall cast his idols of silver, and his idols of gold, which they made each one for himself to worship, to the moles and to the bats;  To go into the clefts of the rocks, and into the tops of the ragged rocks, for fear of the LORD, and for the glory of his majesty, when he ariseth to shake terribly the earth.

You have to wonder what they must be seeing/feeling/experiencing that would cause them to cast off everything they once considered of great value.  They actually prefer refuge in the most deadly places to be during an earthquake trying to flee in fear of the LORD.

This is similar to Revelation 6:15 when after the opening of the sixth seal there is a great earthquake and just before the sealing of the 144,000 from the tribes of Israel.

Isa 2:22 Cease ye from man, whose breath is in his nostrils: for wherein is he to be accounted of?

Would you run to the safety of the president of the United States, or to a senator for protection from the wrath of God during such a time?  Why then would anyone assign authority to any man when they could rely on Truth and place their Faith in the Word of God?


You really should ask yourself where you place your trust and your reliance at this moment and in the future.  The lesson of this chapter is valid for all those who would seek to live in a just world and not just for Judah and Jerusalem.  Nearly everyone is relying on established social constructs; governments of men, money and other material things, even their own ingenuity.  All of which are subject to failure at some point. Following the laws and rules of your country is not necessarily evil but eventually all establishments of men turn evil, it is the nature of men when they withdraw themselves from God’s will.  Don’t believe that?  Then why does your government legislate hundreds of thousands of laws and maintain countless angry Africanized/weaponized police forces that patrol the sheep today?  This isn’t necessary when people love the Lord with all their hearts and their neighbors as themselves.  Two simple rules are sufficient.

You have a covenant with your Father if you choose to accept it.  It doesn’t fail.  We had that at one point but decided to place our trust and reliance on men and materials.  All nations have been founded on these things and all will fall, just like every other nation before them.

How welcome you will be in the day that God returns His kingdom to the earth if you have placed your reliance and trust upon His Word.  He is Truth and Light and stands forever.

Value Truth

Isaiah 1

Isa 1:1 The vision of Isaiah the son of Amoz, which he saw concerning Judah and Jerusalem in the days of Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz, and Hezekiah, kings of Judah.

Isaiah – saved of God, in the safety of God
Amoz – strength
Uzziah – God is my strength
Jotham – God is perfect
Ahaz – possessor
Hezekiah – whom God has strengthened
Judah – praised

The vision is concerning Judah and Jerusalem, however, the house of Israel is not mentioned as concerning them.

Isa 1:2 Hear, O heavens, and give ear, O earth: for the LORD hath spoken, I have nourished and brought up children, and they have rebelled against me.

This message is for all of our Fathers creation to observe/witness

Isa 1:3 The ox knoweth his owner, and the ass his master’s crib: but Israel doth not know, my people doth not consider.

consider – to distinguish mentally, to think about it fully

Animals instinctively know their safe harbor, their home and resting place.  Why does God’s chosen people not know their savior?

Isa 1:4-5 Ah sinful nation, a people laden with iniquity, a seed of evildoers, children that are corrupters: they have forsaken the LORD, they have provoked the Holy One of Israel unto anger, they are gone away backward.  Why should ye be stricken any more? ye will revolt more and more: the whole head is sick, and the whole heart faint.

Why should these people be allowed to mature to full uselessness/evil?

Isa 1:6 From the sole of the foot even unto the head there is no soundness in it; but wounds, and bruises, and putrifying sores: they have not been closed, neither bound up, neither mollified with ointment.

From the least of you to the foremost, there doesn’t even appear to be anyone in their presence who desires to dress the wounds.  Is there no one worth salvaging?

Isa 1:7 Your country is desolate, your cities are burned with fire: your land, strangers devour it in your presence, and it is desolate, as overthrown by strangers.

Even as your inheritance is consumed by strangers, you stand by and do nothing to prevent it.  (What a good description of Israel today!  We not only let congress, the supreme court, etc. ruin and rape our inheritance, but we have actually installed them into office and watched from the sideline while they do it!)

Isa 1:8 And the daughter of Zion is left as a cottage in a vineyard, as a lodge in a garden of cucumbers, as a besieged city.

The ‘daughter of Zion’ is left as the remainder of an empty/abandoned vineyard.  As a ‘lodge’ in a garden full of hard cucumbers (from a word which means basically ‘hards’), as a city surrounded by evil molesters just as the residue(the few remaining undefiled) of Sodom were besieged with sodomites calling for their defilement.

The ‘daughter of Zion’ represents the remaining hopeful and faithful of all Israel.  Zion is representative of Jesus and the ‘daughter of Zion’ His true and faithful followers.

The abandonment of justice and truth by the majority always leads to the persecution/molestation of those who strive to remain pure.  Our educational system is an example of such a degeneration.  The students are mentally and emotionally prepared for indoctrination into the system where physical or spiritual molestation is inevitable. 

Example:  Homosexuality becomes accepted into society.  They, after a while, ‘begin to’ defend(exert) their ‘rights’.  Then they can command equal opportunities in all walks of life, teaching for example.  Once in the classroom, they claim discrimination whenever any resistance to their personal ideals(lifestyles) are presented to the classroom.  As a result, acceptance and celebration of the gay lifestyle is mandatory training at some point.  Eventually, invitation or forced indoctrination into that life style can be expected and should, at minimum, be welcomed even if in refusal.  And finally, without tolerance for justice and truth nor respect of fellow man, Sodom and Gomorrah are established.

If you don’t believe that such is already our condition today, just watch how quickly this page will be removed until the author’s ‘lack of tolerance’ (once discovered) is amended(beaten down)!

 Isa 1:9 Except the LORD of hosts had left unto us a very small remnant, we should have been as Sodom, and we should have been like unto Gomorrah.

Except for our Father’s mercy, the residue would have been given over to the crowd of spiritual rapists which so many of the people have immersed themselves in.  In the modern day nations of Israel, the continuing existence of this remnant is likely delaying the wrath against the worldwide Sodom and Gomorrah. Void of such a remnant, destruction is eminent (just as happened with Sodom and Gomorrah).

Isa 1:10 Hear the word of the LORD, ye rulers of Sodom; give ear unto the law of our God, ye people of Gomorrah.

Judah and Jerusalem are called Sodom and Gomorrah by Isaiah.

Isa 1:11 To what purpose is the multitude of your sacrifices unto me? saith the LORD: I am full of the burnt offerings of rams, and the fat of fed beasts; and I delight not in the blood of bullocks, or of lambs, or of he goats.

They no longer sacrifice for reason of their regret for their sinfulness.  Instead they sacrifice as though they think that our Father is hardly more than a meat hungry animal whom they are kind enough to feed.  Wow!  How could they have gotten it so backwards, as though our Father is needful of their charity offerings.

Isa 1:12 When ye come to appear before me, who hath required this at your hand, to tread my courts?

They show up at the church as though it were required of them to do so or as though they are somehow honoring God in doing so.

Isa 1:13 Bring no more vain oblations; incense is an abomination unto me; the new moons and Sabbaths, the calling of assemblies, I cannot away with; it is iniquity, even the solemn meeting.

They have completely churchified the whole process of seeking the Truth of our Father.  Their ceremonials become meaningless and lifeless zombie ceremonials.  How painful it must be.  How embarrassing His children are!

Isa 1:14 Your new moons and your appointed feasts my soul hateth: they are a trouble unto me; I am weary to bear them.

I am tired of your programmed routines.  It is lifeless and loveless.  Our Father deserves no less than the type of love we seek for ourselves.

Isa 1:15 And when ye spread forth your hands, I will hide mine eyes from you: yea, when ye make many prayers, I will not hear: your hands are full of blood.

This is a horrible situation for sure!  How can we ever get our Father to relent from this saying once He has fulfilled it?  The only way I can think of is to be truly repentant and seeking forgiveness and hoping that He will forgive.  And the only way that I can see being truly seeking forgiveness and repentant is to be aching in the heart.  And if there is no aching of the heart, then is the spirit numb or absent?!  How does one repair a numb or absent spirit without our Father sending the spirit and delivering us from a hardened heart seeing as He has hidden His eyes and covered His ears from our prayers?

Isa 1:16 Wash you, make you clean; put away the evil of your doings from before mine eyes; cease to do evil;

The last verse is scary and this verse holds the answer which is the Grace of God through Faith.

Isa 1:17 Learn to do well; seek judgment, relieve the oppressed, judge the fatherless, plead for the widow.

learn – learn, exercise

‘Learn to do well’ – If you don’t know how to do well then seek to learn.  Otherwise, exercise those things you’ve learned!  Strive on behalf of those who are in need of help.

Isa 1:18 Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool.

“… reason together” – It’s not like we will reprove God, so this means that He is willing to show us truth where we are lacking but we must seek correction and accept it.

Isa 1:19-20 If ye be willing and obedient, ye shall eat the good of the land:  But if ye refuse and rebel, ye shall be devoured with the sword: for the mouth of the LORD hath spoken it.

And out of the mouth of the LORD issues Truth, so believe this verse and act on that belief.

Isa 1:21 How is the faithful city become an harlot! it was full of judgment; righteousness lodged in it; but now murderers.

Without consistent exposure to judgement and righteousness, the people will soon become as dead in spirit.  Those who exercise poor judgement are as killers to the souls of those who count on such.

Isa 1:22 Thy silver is become dross, thy wine mixed with water:

You cannot mix the pure with the impure and expect the people to remain unaffected by the contamination.

Isa 1:23 Thy princes are rebellious, and companions of thieves: every one loveth gifts, and followeth after rewards: they judge not the fatherless, neither doth the cause of the widow come unto them.

rewards – or bribes
cause – strife, controversy, dispute

Isa 1:24-25 Therefore saith the Lord, the LORD of hosts, the mighty One of Israel, Ah, I will ease me of mine adversaries, and avenge me of mine enemies: And I will turn my hand upon thee, and purely purge away thy dross, and take away all thy tin:

God will remove those who have no desire for Him.  He will purify Israel.

Isa 1:26-29 And I will restore thy judges as at the first, and thy counsellors as at the beginning: afterward thou shalt be called, The city of righteousness, the faithful city.  Zion shall be redeemed with judgment, and her converts with righteousness.  And the destruction of the transgressors and of the sinners shall be together, and they that forsake the LORD shall be consumed.  For they shall be ashamed of the oaks which ye have desired, and ye shall be confounded for the gardens that ye have chosen.

They shall turn back to the LORD.  They will be ashamed of the ‘oaks’ (leaders) which these wicked people have chosen.

Isa 1:30 For ye shall be as an oak whose leaf fadeth, and as a garden that hath no water.

These people will be as a dried up oak and a dried up garden.  They will one day altogether wither away.

Isa 1:31 And the strong shall be as tow, and the maker of it as a spark, and they shall both burn together, and none shall quench them.

Both the stiff necked and those who taught them no better will burn and be consumed as flax in a fire.


While this vision is describing the destruction of Judah and Jerusalem in the days of those kings of verse 1, there is a lot to be learned from their experience.  Verse 2 shows that our Father intends all of His creation to observe this lesson and that applies to us today as well.

Just look around you today and see the degeneration of our society and it’s secular vision.  Have a look at all of the laws being written and enacted around the world and see how increasingly confined peoples freedom to rely on anything other than the established system.

Relying on anything other than our Father is, at it’s core, degenerative.  If you don’t believe that, ask yourself how well the leaders that the people have chosen to represent them have done their ‘job’.  In fact the first thing that they do is legislate safeguards which necessitate their continuing roles and to strengthen those roles so as to bring remedy against anyone who doesn’t concede their freedoms if not willingly conform.  The United Nations is exceptionally good at wielding their influence outside of their playground.  And yet, they’re are not a body elected by the common people but are mostly appointed into position.  Internally, they now form and elect their own governing bodies to the detriment of the entire world that recognizes their authority.  When was the last time you elected representatives to the UN?  The people you elected create and sustain/maintain this body of evil.

We created government for our own pleasure and that creation of ours has taken our resources, gifts, trust and sacred belongings and thought to promote themselves and each other above us and they have stuck their finger in our eye as they presume to be our lords and our worthy benefactors.  It’s despicable and yet ironically familiar.

The degradation begins when people select themselves as rulers.  Unwittingly they position themselves standing in the place of God and claiming authority.

Matthew 22:36-40 makes things pretty simple.
1)  Love your Father will all your heart, soul, and mind.

2)  Love your neighbor as yourself.

If everyone observed these two simple rules, what other laws would we need and what use would we have for presidents, congressmen, military, police officers(on and off duty) and other asphalt commandos, human gods and goddesses(human idols), etc.?

Seek Truth

Every Day That God Is With Us Is A Good Day!

Praise the LORD, call upon His name!  Consider all that He as done for us!  He has made us a blessed people and we have become a blessing in the earth because He has prospered us with the Truth of His Word and the Spirit that draws us to it.  He has delivered us from the nations and gathered us to redemption all who will trust in His Word and His great and holy name.  Make a joyful sound to the LORD.

Father You have done excellent things.  This is obvious to the whole earth.  Great is the Holy One of Israel who dwells among us!

Joel 3

Joe 3:1 For, behold, in those days, and in that time, when I shall bring again the captivity of Judah and Jerusalem,

in those days – the days told of in the previous chapter

bring again -return, bring back

In the days which lead up to the day of the Lord, He will restore Judah and Jerusalem back from their exile.

  • About 613BC Shalmaneser, King of Assyria, took the house of Israel into captivity in Assyria.(2Kings 18
  • About 603BC Sennacherib, King of Assyria then took all of the defenced cities of the house of Judah (2Kings 18, Isaiah 36) and was intent to take Jerusalem as well but God had mercy on Hezekiah, King of the house of Judah, and for a time Jerusalem was spared from captivity.
  • Beginning about 494BC Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon, began his first siege of Jerusalem and Jerusalem was eventually taken by him and exiled into Babylon.

Joe 3:2 I will also gather all nations, and will bring them down into the valley of Jehoshaphat, and will plead with them there for my people and for my heritage Israel, whom they have scattered among the nations, and parted my land.

nations – often used of non Hebrew, gentile nations, swarm

Jehoshaphat – Jehovah has judged

plead – (Shaphat) execute judgement, punish

Israel – God prevails

God is going to gather all the heathen nations into the valley of judgement in Israel where He will punish them for the scattering of His people and for the dividing up of the land.

Joe 3:3 And they have cast lots for my people; and have given a boy for an harlot, and sold a girl for wine, that they might drink.

Instead of taking advantage of God’s people being scattered among them they esteemed them of little value.  They traded them for the lusts of their hearts and for the material things that they might gain through them.  They trade the truth for an false/unreliable message and the apostles and messengers for the distractions of the world.

Joe 3:4-5 Yea, and what have ye to do with me, O Tyre, and Zidon, and all the coasts of Palestine? will ye render me a recompence? and if ye recompense me, swiftly and speedily will I return your recompence upon your own head;  Because ye have taken my silver and my gold, and have carried into your temples my goodly pleasant things:

Tyre – rock
Zidon – hunting
Palestine – Philistia, land of sojourners

God owes nothing to Tyre and Zidon and PalestineThe land is not theirs.  They have no reason to become angry with our Father or His people over that which wasn’t given to them and isn’t owed to them.  They plan the destruction of Judea as though it were God Himself whom they would smite down, as though they were in charge of the world and our Father would answer to them.  Because they actually lay claim to the things of our Father and think to rebuke Him for doing as He will with them, they will lose even that which they have been allowed and their anger and injustice will be turned upon themselves.

Joe 3:6 The children also of Judah and the children of Jerusalem have ye sold unto the Grecians, that ye might remove them far from their border.

Grecians – sons of Greece (Javan), mirer, dregs, mud

The children also of Judah and the children of Jerusalem – shows that the previous verses were referring to the people of Israel (verse 2)

They want Judah and Jerusalem removed far from them, as slaves in a far away land to forget their heritage.  What kind of people wish that upon their brother?

Joe 3:7-8 Behold, I will raise them out of the place whither ye have sold them, and will return your recompence upon your own head:  And I will sell your sons and your daughters into the hand of the children of Judah, and they shall sell them to the Sabeans, to a people far off: for the LORD hath spoken it.

Sabeans – drunkard; him who is coming; people of Sheba – seven, oath

God will bring His people back home and back into His favor.  It is those of Palestine, etc. who are going to be distanced from their land, from God and their injustices turned against upon themselves.

Joe 3:9-10 Proclaim ye this among the Gentiles; Prepare war, wake up the mighty men, let all the men of war draw near; let them come up:  Beat your plowshares into swords, and your pruninghooks into spears: let the weak say, I am strong.

The nations would rather persecute or do battle with the people of God than to live in peace with them.  In arrogance they puff themselves up and seek for war.  They will march arrogantly into the day of the LORD.

Joe 3:11-13 Assemble yourselves, and come, all ye heathen, and gather yourselves together round about: thither cause thy mighty ones to come down, O LORD.  Let the heathen be wakened, and come up to the valley of Jehoshaphat: for there will I sit to judge all the heathen round about.  Put ye in the sickle, for the harvest is ripe: come, get you down; for the press is full, the fats overflow; for their wickedness is great.

 Like in the days of Noah, the evil has reached fulness and the day of the Lord will arrive.  See the sickle harvests of Revelation 14 

Joe 3:14 Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision: for the day of the LORD is near in the valley of decision.

 decision – (‘khaw-roots’) trench, incision, threshing

Joe 3:15 The sun and the moon shall be darkened, and the stars shall withdraw their shining.

The LORD is the light of the world and the former lights become dimmed in His presence.

Joe 3:16-17 The LORD also shall roar out of Zion, and utter his voice from Jerusalem; and the heavens and the earth shall shake: but the LORD will be the hope of his people, and the strength of the children of Israel.  So shall ye know that I am the LORD your God dwelling in Zion, my holy mountain: then shall Jerusalem be holy, and there shall no strangers pass through her any more.

The true children of God, both in Zion and Jerusalem, will know the strength of their Father and will not lose hope during the their times of trials.  Those which remain will know that the LORD is the God of Israel.  He is our guiding light and our harbor.  The adulterers and squatters will no longer wander through the land.

Joe 3:18 And it shall come to pass in that day, that the mountains shall drop down new wine, and the hills shall flow with milk, and all the rivers of Judah shall flow with waters, and a fountain shall come forth of the house of the LORD, and shall water the valley of Shittim.

 All the mountains and hills of the LORD will enjoy the Truth of His Word and Judah will know and accept their Savior.

Joe 3:19 Egypt shall be a desolation, and Edom shall be a desolate wilderness, for the violence against the children of Judah, because they have shed innocent blood in their land.

The spiritual desolators will become a barren desolation as God’s wrath will be poured upon them.  They persecuted those who did no wrong to them.  A desolate wilderness offers no comfort for those who are stranded in it.

Joe 3:20-21 But Judah shall dwell for ever, and Jerusalem from generation to generation. For I will cleanse their blood that I have not cleansed: for the LORD dwelleth in Zion.

Judah and Jerusalem will be cleansed with the blood of Christ.  Their smokey sins will be washed away and man made temples and altars will be retired.  Our Father will dwell in Judah AND Israel (Zion).


Our Father is bringing an army upon the whole house of Israel.  Like a locust swarm, the people will be stripped of their all of comforts and left to see the naked results of their own godless choices and misplaced trust and faith.  Hopefully, some will then be able to open their eyes and ears to the Truth and Faithfulness of our Father.

This desolating army will serve as a final wake-up call for those who are not yet spiritually dead and give them an opportunity to cry out for God their Savior, to fast and pray earnestly for His forgiveness and to repent and place their faith in He who always was their only hope.

When our Father sees and hears the pleading of His people He will be jealous and take pity on Zion and Jerusalem.

In utter arrogance, the children of the evil one, not believing in God and placing their faith in those things outside of God will think to exercise their will upon the earth and upon those who are the heritage of the LORD.  Our Father will gather them into the valley of judgement where multitudes, multitudes will be threshed in the valley of threshing.

In the day of the LORD, Judah and Jerusalem will be cleansed with the blood of our Savior.  Our Father is merciful to His people and He dwells in Zion.  Pray for your neighbors and seek Truth.

Higher Education

nerdbod1In the beginning there was nuthin.  And then it exploded.

bratboot Whut exploded?

nerdbod2Nuthin, nuthin exploded.  Thus, evolution starteth with what we call the ‘big bang’.  And therefore God doeth not exist.  Here’s your certificate showing my approval of you.  Now that’ll be $120,000 in endless student loan payments.

bratboot Ummm, does that mean that we don’t have a lasting soul?

nerdbod1$120,000!  Next!

*:| straight faceOk, let me just check my list:

  • Just finished college –
  • There is no God –
  • There is no existence after death – 

*:| straight faceAlright then, looks like I’m ready to go to work for the company!  Next stop, social security retirement!!  And if I have any kids in the mean time, I’ll teach them everything I learned.  Hmm, if we abort this first one, that should buy us time to get the new car first.  Besides, he’ll never know what he missed, so nothing to be sad about there.   *:| straight faceCan’t wait to file my first tax return or shake hands with a congressman.  Let’s see, if I take a homestead I can save a hundred extra dollars.  … wonder who I’ll vote for president?  Should I invest in oil or solar?  Solar!… because I care! 

*:| straight faceHmmm, maybe I forgot one thing on my checklist:

  • So, knowing what I know, is there anything worth living for? –

*:| straight faceYa know, come to think of it, might as well just stick with sex and lust and if the spouse finds out, well, at worst they’ll only hurt till they’re dead.

Wow!, no wonder evil is rampant.  I can almost see why suicide would seem logical in today’s world after a good public educating.  What would it be like if you were trapped in an existence like that?  Is it really possible to care about anyone in a temporary and Godless world?  Wake up  brothers and sisters, these people are in hell already and won’t be consoled until you are there with them.  Many of them want to sue you for everything you have… or at least force your kids to attend public schools, make your daughters use “transgender” (sexual predator friendly) bathrooms …and just wait and see what would happen to those boy scout troops and Bible study groups.

*:| straight faceHold them down! Take everything they have and split it all up evenly so that we can all have a level playing field and a fair chance.  And don’t forget to check their privilege and measure their sustainability!

And such is what has become the ‘justice’ in a Godless world.  In a world like that, you hope not to exist forever.

Now, in the world created by God, everyday that He is present is a day worth living for.  Every Truth is worth seeking out.  Every day away from that other world is a day full of blessings to be counted.  Father grant us the strength to reach out to those stranded in that desolate place and be a lamp in a dark world.

bratarm  Seek Truth


“And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week…Daniel 9:27”

Dan 9:27  And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate.

How many times have you heard it said that the anti-Christ would arrive and would make a covenant (or peace agreement) with Israel (for seven years) and that in the middle of those seven years he would break that covenant?  Often the same people who tell that also will say that part of the breaking of that covenant will be that the anti-Christ will cause the sacrifices and oblations to cease.

That little doctrine is based on the passage found in Daniel 9:27.  It is one of the most commonly taught doctrines in the churches today which have misled the masses for decades if not centuries.  The assumption that they make is that the person making (and then breaking) ‘the covenant’ is an anti-Christ.  Why do they assume that?  Mostly likely because that is what they were taught all of their lives.  I don’t know when that interpretation of this scripture originated but I’ve heard it all of my life from old men.

While considering all of the Biblical covenants to which this verse might be referring, if you fail to bring to memory any covenant which satan is to confirm, don’t feel badly.  I know not of a single satanic covenant mentioned in the Bible.  Seems desperate to create such a covenant out of thin air in order to explain this verse!  Where else in the Bible is scripture dedicated to documenting satan’s covenants?  Can satan even make covenants?  Since when?

It’s actually a little bit nauseating to think that the prayer and answer contained in Daniel 9 has been bait and switched into this satanic peace deal.  Friends, satan can’t make covenants and the Bible doesn’t spend time expounding on them.

Daniel 9 is a prayer for the forgiveness of Israel and that prayer is answered with a semi detailed timeline of the arrival of the Lord our Savior.  It states that 62 weeks (‘sevens’ (434 years)) from the commandment to restore Jerusalem (69 weeks from the commandment to rebuild the temple) Messiah the Prince will be come.

That places the arrival of the Messiah at the time of the baptism of Jesus.  That is the start of Jesus’ ministry.  Jesus, for those who don’t understand, is the fulfillment of the covenant that our Father promised us beginning with the blessings that He gave to Abraham many centuries before.  Jesus is that covenant!  Jesus confirms that covenant!  He confirmed that covenant for three and a half years after He was baptized until He was crucified.

Jesus caused the sacrifices to cease.  And for all of the abominations from then up to His return at the consummation, the desolation and wrath (which was prescribed for them) will be poured out upon those who committed those abominations.  The people of the prince that shall come have been here since Jesus was nailed to the cross.  They destroyed Jerusalem in 70AD just 40 years after Christ was risen.

The sacrifice of Jesus is the only acceptable sacrifice since His crucifixion.  To continue to offer sacrifices after His crucifixion is to deny that His sacrifice is sufficient.  The covenant spoken of in verse 27 is the covenant of the Lord to send a savior into the world.  Jesus confirmed that covenant.

Most church buildings teach that the 70th week of Daniel 9 hasn’t begun.  In truth though, that 70th week began at the baptism of Jesus.  We are already in the midst of the 70th week.  Israel (the woman of Revelation 12) will be nourished for 1260 days in the wilderness, the same period of time that the two witnesses of Revelation 11 will ‘prophecy’.

Me, I’m not gonna be expecting or looking for a 7 year peace deal with Israel.  And Israel isn’t who modern tradition says that they are any way, but that’s another topic for another time… God willing.  So many churches today teach that God’s chosen people will rebuild the temple and resume animal sacrifices.  To think that the chosen people of Israel, after Christ redeemed us would then re-institute animal blood sacrifices and burnt offerings in a man made temple in covenant with the antichrist…  wow, what a rats nest to try to untangle!  What a sack full of confusion!  It would be laughable if it weren’t so widely accepted.  People, if you’re listening to that in your church, you should get out!

God bless you.  Seek Truth.

Joel 2

Joel 2:1  Blow ye the trumpet in Zion, and sound an alarm in my holy mountain: let all the inhabitants of the land tremble: for the day of the LORD cometh, for it is nigh at hand;

Zion, is God’s holy mountain.  The watchers of the land are to issue a warning from God that the ‘day of the LORD’ is near at hand.  This warning is being sent to all of the inhabitants of Zion and not just the daughter of Zion.

Joel 2:2  A day of darkness and of gloominess, a day of clouds and of thick darkness, as the morning spread upon the mountains: a great people and a strong; there hath not been ever the like, neither shall be any more after it, even to the years of many generations.

darkness (‘A day of darkness’) – misery, destruction, death, ignorance, sorrow, wickedness

darkness (‘…and of thick darkness’) – darkness

This army is unique in it’s darkness(lack of light, Truth), wickedness, destruction.

mountains – symbolic of greater nations

a great people… not been ever the like‘ – there have been some pretty gruesome armies and actions in the past and yet this people are notable and unique in there destruction from invaders of the past.

neither shall be… – there are yet many more generations to come

Joel 2:3  A fire devoureth before them; and behind them a flame burneth: the land is as the garden of Eden before them, and behind them a desolate wilderness; yea, and nothing shall escape them.

This army is like an army of locust in a lush and bountiful land.  Like a parasite it sucks the life out of the land (people).  The inheritance (spiritual) of the people is devoured up and wasteland (both physical and spiritual) is what they leave behind.

Joel 2:4  The appearance of them is as the appearance of horses; and as horsemen, so shall they run.

They seem to be swift and well prepared.

Joel 2:5  Like the noise of chariots on the tops of mountains shall they leap, like the noise of a flame of fire that devoureth the stubble, as a strong people set in battle array.

stubble – straw (as being dry)

They head right for the ‘tops of mountains’.  Mountains are symbolic of greater nations.  They will occupy the high positions of the nations they infest, seizing control of it.    They easily consume the land like fire on a field of dry straw.

Joel 2:6  Before their face the people shall be much pained: all faces shall gather blackness.

 The people will even see the thing coming.  blackness may actually mean to grow pale.

Joel 2:7  They shall run like mighty men; they shall climb the wall like men of war; and they shall march every one on his ways, and they shall not break their ranks:

 The have no fear of the people, obstacles will not prevent them,  They seem to have their marching orders and are intent on fulfilling them.

Joel 2:8  Neither shall one thrust another; they shall walk every one in his path: and when they fall upon the sword, they shall not be wounded.

 These work together against Zion (Israel) as though a common goal, each with his task in it.  Even against resistance, they will not be divided nor will they let the Truth deter them.

Joel 2:9  They shall run to and fro in the city; they shall run upon the wall, they shall climb up upon the houses; they shall enter in at the windows like a thief.

They are persistent.  While you guard the normal entry points, they enter by the unexpected methods.  They will find a way to strip you of your belongings.  The distractions of the world today are become non-stop and designed to keep you focused on anything but the Truth.  They want everything you have, your time, your thoughts, your tax returns and your cooperation and consent.  The true sheep of Jesus will recognize that these are not the proper voice of authority.

Joel 2:10  The earth shall quake before them; the heavens shall tremble: the sun and the moon shall be dark, and the stars shall withdraw their shining:

Heavens, sun, moon and stars – provide guidance for people in search of Truth.  The earth is symbolic of the chosen people and they which inhabit the land with them.

Joel 2:11-12  And the LORD shall utter his voice before his army: for his camp is very great: for he is strong that executeth his word: for the day of the LORD is great and very terrible; and who can abide it?  Therefore also now, saith the LORD, turn ye even to me with all your heart, and with fasting, and with weeping, and with mourning:

Even at the late hour God is prepared to have mercy on those who would turn away from their sinful, faithless ways.  This army is sent by God and is capable of destroying all that are in it’s influence/jurisdiction.  Therefore, the only means of ending this army is by turning to and crying out to God for His forgiveness and mercy.  Simply cursing them and determining to vote their leaders out of office is to not understand the real problem.

Joel 2:13  And rend your heart, and not your garments, and turn unto the LORD your God: for he is gracious and merciful, slow to anger, and of great kindness, and repenteth him of the evil.

There is no material expression which we can please our Father with.  God created and owns all of your possessions.  It is the inward things, the immaterial things that you can offer to God which are pleasing, the things of the heart.  Your love, your time, your attention.  Our Father has granted us free will and wants the gift of your heart.  Isn’t that what people seek amongst each other?  God is merciful even to those who most offend if their hearts are truly open and seeking.  He would rather offer kindness and grace than have you lost to confusion, anger and misery that might come upon you as a result of your own free will.

Joel 2:14  Who knoweth if he will return and repent, and leave a blessing behind him; even a meat offering and a drink offering unto the LORD your God?

 Who knows, maybe He will turn away from His anger and even leave a blessing for you.  Even enough to offer back to Him, the blessing of a caring and loving soul with eyes to see and ears to hear Truth and the Spirit to recover from the numbness and awaken from the sleep.

Joel 2:15  Blow the trumpet in Zion, sanctify a fast, call a solemn assembly:

Get the Word out, don’t remain silent, dedicate a fast to His mercy and grace.  Call on others of true concern to join you.  Don’t allow the land to go unwarned.

Joel 2:16  Gather the people, sanctify the congregation, assemble the elders, gather the children, and those that suck the breasts: let the bridegroom go forth of his chamber, and the bride out of her closet.

Call, gather and prepare the daughter of Zion, God’s chosen, from the new born Christian to the patient and wise ones.  The time of the marriage feast is arriving.  It is time for the true Christians to join in the Truth of Jesus our King.

Joel 2:17  Let the priests, the ministers of the LORD, weep between the porch and the altar, and let them say, Spare thy people, O LORD, and give not thine heritage to reproach, that the heathen should rule over them: wherefore should they say among the people, Where is their God?

The porch is like the approach to the alter.  Just before the arrival of the Day of the LORD there should be heard a crying out of those who are truly seeking Truth and pleading of the faithful Christians.  They should be asking that God not forsake us so that we not be seen as having cried in vain.  Without the intervention of God, it might be that even the elect would be lost.

Joel 2:18  Then will the LORD be jealous for his land, and pity his people.

God will not let His people come to nothing.  He will show the nations that He is our Father and that He will not allow us to be removed or left behind.  Therefore cry out and be heard and counted.

Joel 2:19  Yea, the LORD will answer and say unto his people, Behold, I will send you corn, and wine, and oil, and ye shall be satisfied therewith: and I will no more make you a reproach among the heathen:

When God chooses to rule over the land, notice that the yield is corn, wine, oil and all that God utilizes to bless the soul.  When we would have others rule over the land instead of God, the result is the removal of those things, the plundering of the fruit of the land, and the devouring of the heritage of the Zion.  When the land is yielding corn, wine and oil, then know that God is watching over that land.  Even all of the beast of the field prosper.

God’s people are a reproach among the heathen, we should almost surely be experiencing that.  Those who smirk about or belittle God’s people (even quietly, privily or insincerely) can know therefore with certainty that they are among the heathen.  We are looked down upon, joked about and in general belittled when we seek out or follow after our real Father.  If you care for them at all you will pray for their awakening, remembering that many were once among them.

Joel 2:20  But I will remove far off from you the northern army, and will drive him into a land barren and desolate, with his face toward the east sea, and his hinder part toward the utmost sea, and his stink shall come up, and his ill savour shall come up, because he hath done great things.

‘northern army’ – Compare this with the king of the north in Daniel 11, and also Jeremiah 4, Jeremiah 50, Ezekiel 38, the beast(s) of Revelation 13.

utmost sea – western, or later sea (or people)

God calls this locust army the ‘northern army’. He will drive it out toward the eastern ‘sea’  with the west behind it.  It will be sent into a desolate and barren land because he magnified himself before our Father and thought to ruin His people. There, our Father will bring that army to it’s apparently quick end. You can read about the stench of the valley and the clean up operation in the valley of passengers which God says that we shall call the Valley of Hamongog. God will give Gog a place for burial within Israel. Ezekiel 39

Joel 2:21  Fear not, O land; be glad and rejoice: for the LORD will do great things.

Those who know their Father are encouraged not to fear the desolating of the land.  For some, difficult trial may be the only hope they have of awakening to the Truth before the Day of the LORD.  God is preparing a better world for His people.

Joel 2:22  Be not afraid, ye beasts of the field: for the pastures of the wilderness do spring, for the tree beareth her fruit, the fig tree and the vine do yield their strength.

The beasts of the field will again enjoy the pasture and the fruit of the land which is the Word and grace of our Father.  The fig tree and the vine are planted by God to provide nourishment (Truth) to those that desire of them.

Joel 2:23-24  Be glad then, ye children of Zion, and rejoice in the LORD your God: for he hath given you the former rain moderately, and he will cause to come down for you the rain, the former rain, and the latter rain in the first month.   And the floors shall be full of wheat, and the fats shall overflow with wine and oil.

 Who is the former and latter rain given to?  The children of Zion, those who believe in Christ.  What is the rain?  Truth, Grace and Faith.

Joel 2:25  And I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten, the cankerworm, and the caterpiller, and the palmerworm, my great army which I sent among you.  And ye shall eat in plenty, and be satisfied, and praise the name of the LORD your God, that hath dealt wondrously with you: and my people shall never be ashamed.

The locust army which God delivered to the land is now removed from the land.  The land is restored and God is King and ruler.  Righteous judgement, long missing from our land is restored.  Blessings from God are again offered to those who accept Him as their King.

Joel 2:27  And ye shall know that I am in the midst of Israel, and that I am the LORD your God, and none else: and my people shall never be ashamed.

The people will not again seek worldly rulers.  All will recognize that God is and ever was the God of Israel.  No one will ever again shame us out of believing in Christ and into believing in a vain existence like the atheist.

Joel 2:28-29  And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions:  And also upon the servants and upon the handmaids in those days will I pour out my spirit.

afterward – in the latter/last time?
dream – to bind, make or plump, to dream, to recover
see – see, view, discern

This prophecy was fulfilled at the Pentecost (as an example) and will be again in the last days.(see Acts 2)  There will come a day when the Spirit of God will be poured out abundantly.  God will be manifest to all people.

 Joel 2:30  And I will shew wonders in the heavens and in the earth, blood, and fire, and pillars of smoke.  The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and the terrible day of the LORD come.

The sources of light (Truth) in the world will be overturned with darkness (confusion, unreliability) before our Father will send the wake-up call.

Joel 2:32  And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of the LORD shall be delivered: for in mount Zion and in Jerusalem shall be deliverance, as the LORD hath said, and in the remnant whom the LORD shall call.

 ‘the name’ – honor, authority

Jerusalem will be delivered along with Zion.  We do not deliver ourselves but require the Father to deliver us.


God is, after all, your True Father.  If you love and respect your human father and mother, how much more deserving is your real Father.  Would you be pleased with the love and attention that you received of your own children (which also He created) if it was equivalent to the time you devote to your real Father?  He has brought you through this world and to this point with still the opportunity to seek Him out even in this late hour!

Some must be brought to the lowest point in order to gain (or regain) value for the Truth and righteousness.  While the locust army will destroy greatly, the devastated may actually now have a better chance to appreciate that which our Father has always offered them.  Don’t overlook that the devastation came by the free will of the people over time and after generations of degradation.  By the time that this army appears people will already be on the verge of becoming numb to the Truth!  A soul that is numb is the same as dead or worse.  Can you imagine an existence that contained no light or Truth, only confusion and darkness forever?

Zion is representative of Jesus.  The children of Zion are the modern day house of Israel and includes all of the tribes of Israel. They are sifted, though, among all nations since they were sent into captivity in Assyria many centuries ago.  But, in general, it is the Christian nations, those that serve as a wilderness for the remnant.  Now when I say Christian nations in this sense, I mean nations that identify with the Christian church.  In reality, very few people of these nations are actually Christian, though they do have, at their core, a remnant of elect ones who have been a blessing to the nations wherein they dwell.

These nations (mountains of Israel) are becoming increasingly difficult to identify as godly or Christian at all.  The locust army has already begun stripping away the fruitfulness (both material and spiritual) of their lands wherein they have been blessed of God for many generations.  I don’t think I should be presuming to be able to make a list of them but I will say that I am satisfied that America is prominent among them (which makes it all the more disgusting that we willfully cast aside our heritage and chose leaders that darken our land and despise Truth and judgement).

Christ is the resting place for Zion without which we are looked upon with low regard, a shame among the peoples of the earth.

God refers to the land invaded by Gog as mountains of Israel.  They will devour up the assets of the land(especially the spiritual treasures).  And God says that He will drive them out of the land (out of the south/west) unto the place where they will be buried there in the house of Israel.  It will take Israel seven months to bury Hamongog.  Also those passing through will mark any bodies for burial as they are found.  Hamongog will find it’s end in a desolate and barren place.  I pray that anyone reading this (the Bible) will not be caught up in the deception and desolation of this locust army.

I think it would be pretty accurate to envision the locust army as an endless army of governing bureaucrats and their minions, armed and leading desolate freeloaders.  All of which are intent on redefining Truth, spreading ‘fairness’, saving the planet …etc, in order to control you in ever increasing ways.  Let’s face it, the world is become a nearly complete distraction designed to keep you preoccupied with just trying to follow their ever wearying rules.  Rules created now daily.  Rules designed to deprive you of your God given Spirit.  If you want an example, you can look to Europe or check out the agendas of the United Nations.  Look at your own country now, can you not see the plundering of your own treasures here at home.

Look at America and see the direction that our appointed leaders are going.  Also, see where they are coming from, colleges and universities where they are taught what is acceptable or trendy to think and believe instead of what is known to be true.

Relay the Truth.

Joel 1

Joel 1:1 The word of the LORD that came to Joel the son of Pethuel.

Joel:  Jehovah is God
Pethuel:  vision of God

Joel 1:2-4 Hear this, ye old men, and give ear, all ye inhabitants of the land. Hath this been in your days, or even in the days of your fathers?  Tell ye your children of it, and let your children tell their children, and their children another generation.  That which the palmerworm hath left hath the locust eaten; and that which the locust hath left hath the cankerworm eaten; and that which the cankerworm hath left hath the caterpiller eaten.

Palmerworm, locust, cankerworm, caterpiller are all different stages or kinds of locust.  One infestation after another is going to leave the land (the people of God) barren and stripped of ability to nourish (with Truth)

Joel 1:5 Awake, ye drunkards, and weep; and howl, all ye drinkers of wine, because of the new wine; for it is cut off from your mouth.

Those used to having Truth available and on tap whenever they get around to thirsting for it will be deprived of the blessings they have taken for granted, having been eaten out from under them The devourers, the strippers of the land have seen to it that the land, the Fathers children, are left barren of the fruitful vines and trees. Those asleep (in spirit?) will awaken to lament the loss of their teachers and those who they took for granted thinking they would always be available. The new wine, Truth, Jesus, the Word of God is stripped away by the locust army.

Joel 1:6 For a nation is come up upon my land, strong, and without number, whose teeth are the teeth of a lion, and he hath the cheek teeth of a great lion.

nation- this word is also used of a swarm or a massing together
my land – the LORD here identifies the ravished land as HIS land (the land of HIS people) .

These are not just toothless governors, they rally with them a swarm of voracious devourers to remove the traces of the old vineyard. This army is sufficiently equipped to overcome all of their obstacles. They are capable of great damage and quick take down of unsuspecting prey.

Joel 1:7 He hath laid my vine waste, and barked my fig tree: he hath made it clean bare, and cast it away; the branches thereof are made white.

Nearly all of the Old Testament occurrences of ‘fig tree’ also contain reference to the vine as well.  In the New Testament, the vine is often representative of Jesus and His disciples the fruitful Christians.  The bark is removed from the fig tree and the branches of it are left bare and dry.  Made white is also used to signify purification through trials.

Joel 1:8 Lament like a virgin girded with sackcloth for the husband of her youth.

Christ (the Truth) is the husband of her youth.  She now lives in a land stripped of Truth

Joel 1:9-12 The meat offering and the drink offering is cut off from the house of the LORD; the priests, the LORD’S ministers, mourn.  The field is wasted, the land mourneth; for the corn is wasted: the new wine is dried up, the oil languisheth.  Be ye ashamed, O ye husbandmen; howl, O ye vinedressers, for the wheat and for the barley; because the harvest of the field is perished. The vine is dried up, and the fig tree languisheth; the pomegranate tree, the palm tree also, and the apple tree, even all the trees of the field, are withered: because joy is withered away from the sons of men.

Husbandmen, vinedressers – priests, pastors, teachers
The joy and fruitfulness which is a blessing of the Father is removed.

Joel 1:13-15 Gird yourselves, and lament, ye priests: howl, ye ministers of the altar: come, lie all night in sackcloth, ye ministers of my God: for the meat offering and the drink offering is withholden from the house of your God.  Sanctify ye a fast, call a solemn assembly, gather the elders and all the inhabitants of the land into the house of the LORD your God, and cry unto the LORD,  Alas for the day! for the day of the LORD is at hand, and as a destruction from the Almighty shall it come.

This prophecy will happen in the last days.  Men live their lives self absorbed and thankless.  The destructive army is an army of the Almighty to bring His people to repentance.

Joel 1:16-17 Is not the meat cut off before our eyes, yea, joy and gladness from the house of our God?  The seed is rotten under their clods, the garners are laid desolate, the barns are broken down; for the corn is withered.

The seed appears to be planted but is rotting away.  Is it for lack of water or maybe for lack of interest in the fertile soil?  Even the barns and storehouses appear to be unused and abandoned.

Joel 1:18-20 How do the beasts groan! the herds of cattle are perplexed, because they have no pasture; yea, the flocks of sheep are made desolate.  O LORD, to thee will I cry: for the fire hath devoured the pastures of the wilderness, and the flame hath burned all the trees of the field.  The beasts of the field cry also unto thee: for the rivers of waters are dried up, and the fire hath devoured the pastures of the wilderness.

trees of the field – often refer to nations, nations of refuge
In Revelation, the wilderness is where the woman (the children of Israel) was flown to (having been given two wings of an eagle) where she is nourished for 1260 days.
The beasts and cattle here, are those who are used to being filled with the blessing of God.  They will be crying out in hunger and thirst.  Any work they do is in vain, being devoured by the locust army which occupies the land.


We now live in a time when the land has been stripped of most of it’s reliable (true) pastors and shepherds. The people sleep through their blessings and are unaware or don’t raise concern over the decay of our nation. Yet even at this late hour God will deliver to Truth those who seek after it The winter’s not here yet.

Could you image what life would be like with no Bible, no scripture anymore to open and read. There are many places on this planet that don’t have the luxury of having God’s Word laying around or even available. But now, at all levels of the education system in America the Bible is frowned on and God is mocked. Even the churches don’t provide meat for the congregation.

The locust army will probably have many ranks: ranging from the recruits looting and burning the streets of Ferguson, those preparing themselves for hell in our ‘higher education’ systems all the way up to the highest leaders and judges of the land. They essentially either deny God or they unwittingly fault Him as being unjust because of their unhappy lot in life. At all levels of our government they strip our nation continually, 700 billion bailout here, a trillion bailout there.

The same aimless uninformed cattle that elected them into office then blame them for doing what they, by their nature, campaign to do. Sweet dreams Israel, the hangover is soon upon you.

Recognize the remedy. Pray that your trials purify you by the Grace of God.

Value Truth!

Who Is The Daughter of Zion – Zechariah 9:9

Zechariah 9:9 is an under-discussed and poorly understood but very interesting prophecy which Jesus fulfills revealing who the daughter of Zion is and maybe also the daughter of Jerusalem:

Zech 9:9
Rejoice greatly, O daughter of Zion; shout, O daughter of Jerusalem: behold, thy King cometh unto thee: he is just, and having salvation; lowly, and riding upon an ass, and upon a colt the foal of an ass.

Now compare this with the passages in the beginning of Matt 21 where Jesus fulfills this prophecy (partially, at least):

Mat 21:1-7
And when they drew nigh unto Jerusalem, and were come to Bethphage, unto the mount of Olives, then sent Jesus two disciples, Saying unto them, Go into the village over against you, and straightway ye shall find an ass tied, and a colt with her: loose them, and bring them unto me. And if any man say ought unto you, ye shall say, The Lord hath need of them; and straightway he will send them.  All this was done, that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the prophet, saying, Tell ye the daughter of Sion, Behold, thy King cometh unto thee, meek, and sitting upon an ass, and a colt the foal of an ass. And the disciples went, and did as Jesus commanded them, And brought the ass, and the colt, and put on them their clothes, and they set him thereon.

Notice that the reference to the ‘daughter of Jerusalem’ is removed from the middle of the prophecy (as it was given by Zechariah) and that only the ‘daughter of Sion’ is mentioned.

Many present who, upon seeing this entry, accepted and proclaimed Jesus to be their Savior and King.  Matthew makes it abundantly clear that those who saw or learned of this (humble and lowly as it appeared) accepted Jesus as their King and Savior, and that the same are the ‘daughter of Sion’.

Also, slightly off subject but interesting and not to be overlooked, it seems that there were some, if not many, present who were expecting such a great event to happen at this time.  Else why would there be one in the village who would have an ass and colt prepared and waiting for this moment.  Mark 11 made it plain that the disciples were questioned upon the taking of these animals by people who seemed to have known that they were not the owners.  Never the less, they were not detained when they offered their simple explanation that “the Lord hath need of them“.  It seems very obvious that a man of faith had prepared those animals for the moment.

The Jews do not recognize Jesus as their king and savior, even to this day.  Let’s face it, it was the Jewish leaders who wanted Him put to death.  I realize that a few accept Christ as their king but by and large they reject Christ.  But keep in mind that the ‘daughter of Jerusalem’ was not mentioned in the fulfilling of the prophecy at this time.  It is fair to suggest that the Jews represent the ‘daughter of Jerusalem’ and that they were not mentioned at this time because it was known that they wouldn’t accept Jesus, His kingdom and His salvation.  Although, we know that the ‘daughter of Jerusalem’ one day will as foretold by Zechariah in that same verse.

Though the Jews don’t accept Him as their King and Savior, Jesus’ fulfillment of this prophecy wasn’t in vain.  What a blasphemous misunderstanding upon those who thought that it went unfulfilled at that time.   There were those who saw and believed, even in that day.  Since it wasn’t the ‘Jews’ of that day, nor the ‘Jews’ of modern time, then you have to ask yourself:  Who in the world today accepts He who rode into Jerusalem that day on a colt as their King and their Savior?  To my knowledge in the world then and today, this belief is unique to the Christian.  Now since the fulfillment is directed to the ‘daughter of Sion’ then the daughter of Sion is the believing/accepting Christian.  (Yes, there are people who claim to be Christian though they should not to be confused with those who truly believe.) 

Most teachers and Christians today believe that Jesus was sent to the Jews to be their King and Savior.  Yes, Jesus is the Savior of Israel and for the whole world (Jews and Gentiles as well whether they like it or not).  But don’t overlook who Jesus Himself was careful to say that He was sent unto –

Matthew 15:22-28
And, behold, a woman of Canaan came out of the same coasts, and cried unto him, saying, Have mercy on me, O Lord, thou Son of David; my daughter is grievously vexed with a devil.  But he answered her not a word. And his disciples came and besought him, saying, Send her away; for she crieth after us.  But he answered and said, I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel.  Then came she and worshipped him, saying, Lord, help me.  But he answered and said, It is not meet to take the children’s bread, and to cast it to dogs.  And she said, Truth, Lord: yet the dogs eat of the crumbs which fall from their masters’ table.  Then Jesus answered and said unto her, O woman, great is thy faith: be it unto thee even as thou wilt. And her daughter was made whole from that very hour.
(Let that be a lesson to those who fail to fully appreciate the power of FAITH to move upon the will of our Father!  In fact, it is a gift of Him!)

Jesus Himself said “I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel.”  And most will then say, ‘Well the Jews and the house of Israel are the same thing!‘  But that’s not quite true.  The Jews are Israelites, yes but not all Israelites are Jews, only a small fraction of them.  Just as the Illinoisans are Americans but not all Americans are Illinoisans.

Here is a prominent misunderstanding among (un)believers:  That the Jews of today are the chosen people and that they have chosen to reject the Son (Word) of God up to this point.  While it is apparently true that the Jews largely reject the Word of God, they are not the chosen of our Father.  The chosen of our Father are those who have Faith in His Word.  Being a chosen child of God is a result of Grace through Faith in His Word.  Ask Abraham if you don’t believe that.  He was obviously never a Jew but it was Abram that received the blessings and covenants of God.  By the way, if you didn’t agree with that last sentence, then erase everything from your religious whiteboard and begin a brand new study of the Bible from scratch.

So, when Christ Himself says that He was sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel, and the Jews don’t accept Christ as their king, neither as their Savior, then did Christ as yet fail His own stated mission?  Only the true unbeliever thinks that. So then who is the house of Israel to whom He says that He was sent?  Well, ask yourself this- “Who accepts Jesus as their Lord and Savior arrived humble upon an ass and colt?”  The Christians.  How simple is that!  So, who are the lost sheep of the house of Israel then?  The Christians (in a general sense) are the lost sheep of the house of Israel.  In fact, they are so lost that they don’t even recognize who they are.  Why do they not recognize who they are?, because so many of them do not study nor do they understand the Bible, which is Truth (the Word) of God.  The same are so unfamiliar with the Bible that they don’t even know or understand who Israel is nor the difference between Ephraim and Judah

I could tell you to read Genesis 48 and 49 to see a few of the blessings inherited by the various tribes of Israel, but honestly, if you need that information, then you need to begin your study of the Bible from the very beginning anyway.  Pray and petition our Father for guidance in understanding His Word, it is absolutely necessary.  And follow that up by beginning to study His Word.  That is, after all, the formula for Grace through Faith as set forth in Luke 11:1-13.

Getting back to the prophecy fulfilled by Christ when He rode upon the ass.  The prophecy of Zechariah goes on to state in the next verses –

Zechariah 9:10-13
And I will cut off the chariot from Ephraim, and the horse from Jerusalem, and the battle bow shall be cut off: and he shall speak peace unto the heathen: and his dominion shall be from sea even to sea, and from the river even to the ends of the earth. As for thee also, by the blood of thy covenant I have sent forth thy prisoners out of the pit wherein is no water.  Turn you to the strong hold, ye prisoners of hope: even to day do I declare that I will render double unto thee;  When I have bent Judah for me, filled the bow with Ephraim, and raised up thy sons, O Zion, against thy sons, O Greece, and made thee as the sword of a mighty man.

Notice that it appears that Ephraim in verse 10 corresponds to Zion of the previous verse and that Judah corresponds to Jerusalem.  Those who have an elementary level understanding of scripture will recognize that Ephraim is the name often used in the Bible synonymously with the “house of Israel”.  If you don’t yet understand the difference between the house of Judah (the Jews) and the house of Israel (the other 10 tribes of Israelites) then this should be a very clear signal to you that you are not possessing a fundamental understanding of the Word of God.  Essentially, you miss out on understanding the prophets and prophecies of the Old Testament.

Also, clearly in verse 13, God is comparing Judah (House of Judah) as a bow which will He bend, and Ephraim (House of Israel) as the arrow.  He will also open the eyes (awaken) of Zion (Christians) and make them as a sword of a mighty man!


Daughter of Zion – 2Kings 19:21Psalm 9:14 , Isa_1:8, Isa_10:32, Isa_16:1, Isa_37:22, Isa_52:2, Isa_62:11, Jer_4:31, Jer_6:2, Jer_6:23, Jer_8:19, Lam_1:6, Lam_2:1, Lam_2:4, Lam_2:8, Lam_2:10, Lam_2:13, Lam_2:18, Lam_4:22, Mic_1:13, Mic_4:8, Mic_4:10, Mic_4:13, Zep_3:14, Zec_2:7, Zec_2:10, Zec_9:9,

Daughter of Jerusalem – 2Kings 19:21 , Isaiah 37:22, Jeremiah 4:11, Lam_2:13, Lam_2:15, Mic_4:8, Zep_3:14Zec_9:9

  • Zion (which means ‘waymark’ or ‘guidepost’) is representative of Jesus (and His church?).
  • Zion’s daughter would recognize the arrival of their King ‘riding upon an ass and a colt, the foal of an ass. (Zechariah 9:9)  The daughters of Zion are the true followers of Jesus and seek Truth (often represented as those not already married to another or as virgins or brides in waiting).
  • Jesus arrived ‘riding upon an ass and a colt, the foal of an ass. (Matthew 21:5)
  • The Christians are the only ones who recognize Jesus as their King, their Lord and Savior.  So the Christians are the daughter of Zion.
  • In Zechariah, Zion is also referred to as Ephraim (one of the thirteen tribes of Israel and the leading tribe of the ‘house of Israel) and Ephraim is a name synonymous with the house of Israel (the 10 lost tribes).  So Zion may also represent more specifically the lost house of Israel depending upon the context of the scripture. (Zechariah 9:10-13)
  • It is worth mentioning that Ephraim, Manasseh, and Benjamin made up the western encampment of the tabernacle.  If the location of the encampments around the tabernacle were not important, why would God articulate that?

The daughter of Zion is the Israelites, Jews and Gentiles who accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

Live in Truth.

Don’t take anything I tell you on my word.  Verify what you’re told by others.  If concerns scripture, check it out for yourself, it doesn’t take long.  If you only listen to other people teach or discuss the Bible then you need to question the leaven that may be introduced by them.  Failure to check it out for yourself is only your fault.  Most importantly, always ask our Father for proper understanding of His word and for the leading of His Spirit.